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iSi 2248 Soda Siphon Brushed Aluminum 1 Liter

iSi 2248 Soda Siphon Brushed Aluminum 1 Liter


iSi 2248 Soda Siphon Brushed Aluminum 1 Liter:

Constructed of brushed aluminum, this iSi 2248 Soda Siphon Brushed Aluminum 1 Liter is easy to clean and will resist, dents, scratches, and corrosion. The removable measuring tube, secure neck threading and pressure regulated system make this soda siphon simple to use. This soda siphon uses one charger per bottle fill, which is a great value compared to buying lots of bulky soda bottles, cans, and cases.You can easily use it for Sparkling  Water Makers with many type of flavored such as SodaStream Strawberry Syrup or Diet Cola and others what you want.

Makes excellent, high-quality carbonated water with iSi 2248 Soda Siphon Brushed Aluminum 1 Liter. For a TRUE diet soda without chemicals, or add it to cocktails.It’s fun and easy to make. Just screw in the chargers and shake.Great design. A conversation piece. Nostalgic and Retro. Just like the bars in the old movies.Economical. Less than 70 cents per soda charger for one liter.

iSi 2248 Soda Siphon Brushed Aluminum 1 Liter Product Description:

A great way to be green and get an excellent product is to make your own soda water at home. iSi is the industry leader and our Austrian made chargers guarantee high quality and taste for you. Soda Siphon Brushed Aluminum, removable measuring tube, secure neck threading, pressure regulating system, makes 32 oz. of soda water.It Manufacturer by iSi and it’s Weight is 2.20.

iSi 2248 Soda Siphon Brushed Aluminum 1 Liter Product Details:

Product Dimensions: 13 x 4.2 x 4.1 inches ; 2.1 pounds
Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within U.S.
International Shipping: This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S.
ASIN: B00007JXR7
Item model number: 1007
Price: $
Color: Brushed Alum
Material: Aluminum
Shipping: FREE Shipping

iSi 2248 Soda Siphon Brushed Aluminum 1 Liter Product Advantages:

iSi 2248 Soda Siphon Brushed Aluminum 1 Liter takes a while to figure out the best possible way to work.But the effort is well worth it as it makes industry standard fizzy water and you wouldn’t regret buying one.The siphon needs to be properly cleaned after each use as juices and alcohols are often sticky.For best results right amount of water or juices need to be used.81I7LV60XFL._SL1500_

  • Store bought selzters often contain added salt – control the purity of yours at home
  • Let’s you control the source of your water.
  • Cuts down on waste
  • Easy to use; Co2 chargers purchased separately
  • Safe – has secure neck threading and a pressure regulating system
  • Durable aluminum bottle with attractive brushed finish
  • Includes injection-molded charger holder
  • Environmentally friendly

What Customer Says about iSi 2248 Soda Siphon Brushed Aluminum 1 Liter:

  • This is identical to the soda siphon I’ve owned since 1975 and it still works beautifully. The kids got juice fizzed up with no sodium instead of soda pop. We make mojitos, spritzers, etc. and we’re never out of soda. Leftover soda keeps well. Recharging is a breeze, though the cost of chargers has gone up. I buy them online–still much cheaper than buying bottles of soda that go flat.


  • I bought this item over a year ago, and I use it almost everyday to make sugar free sodas. It has never failed, and is quite easy to use. I am planning on buying another one soon, just so that I can have a different color!


  • I’d read many reviews and was perturbed that some were seriously negative about the product. Regardless I bought it to determine myself if it was as good or bad as reviewed. I’m very happy to report that it exceeded my expectations and my daughter believes it to be better than the store sodas. At the very least it performs as advertised, at best I can control the sugar intake of my daughter who loves soda.


  • Purchased a gorgeous Red version of this siphon & use it regularly three years later. It’s easy to use & I love that it keeps the water carbonated for a long while in the refridgerator. For best results, use cold water & rotate the siphon end over end after dispensing the CO2 cartridge. So much fun. Order chargers in quantity if you like sparkling water. I only wish it held more water in the siphon! It’s fabu and fun!


  • I wanted to add one more tip for those having trouble with the soda bottle: I’ve found that if I don’t pull out the collar (the plastic cylinder inside the bottle, not the long tube with the gasket on top) and put it back in every once in a while, about every month or so, it starts to leak air when I charge the bottle. Do that, screw the gas canister in quickly and tightly, use cold water, and give it a good shake after you’ve screwed in the gas, and it should work just fine.

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  • Removable measuring tube
  • Pressure regulating system to ensure proper carbonation
  • For use only with iSi chargers
  • Makes 32 oz. of soda water


  • No Major Issues

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