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Drinkmate vs Sodastream: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Introducing Drinkmate vs Sodastream, two popular carbonated water makers on the market.If you want to buy a custom soda drinks maker for your home, you have two options: Soda Stream or Drink Mate. While SodaStream has been around for a while, DrinkMate has only recently entered the market and brought a new, sleek design to the competition.They use a special fizz infuser part instead of a set of grasping teeth to hold a water bottle in place, which is not available in any average Soda Maker.

So, which carbonator is superior in the Drinkmate vs Sodastream battle in 2023? Both carbonator machines have benefits and drawbacks. However, in terms of carbonation, they are quite similar. They use carbonating cylinders, a carbonation nozzle, and proprietary water bottles of the same size, so each cylinder holds approximately the same amount of carbonated drinks.

Because you won’t be paying much more or less for long-term machine usage, the true value differences can be found in the nitty-gritty details. Let me elaborate, and there are some pearls in this.

Drinkmate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

The Drinkmate is mostly made of Best Branded Aluminum bottle. It does not require electricity, so you can keep it in your kitchen or any other room you want. Attach the carbonator nozzle to the bottle, then slide it into the slot before pushing the entire bottle towards the machine. Once that’s done, simply press and hold the button on the machine’s top until you hear a hissing noise, and that’s it! Pull the bottle towards you, give it a little shake, and then open the bottle by releasing the pressure valve. Pour and enjoy right away, or screw on the cap to save for later.

Another advantage of this machine over the SodaStream Aqua Fizz is that when you hold the button down, you can see what’s going on in the bottle, making it easy to tell when you’re out of air. It still blows bubbles, but they are different in appearance.

This one was specifically chosen because it could carbonate any beverage. We took advantage of that feature at first, carbonating everything we could think of. We didn’t try carbonating almond milk because one of the reviews said it clogged the nozzles, but everything else was fine. You have to be careful with sugary drinks because they foam up more, but monitor the bubbles as you press the button and release if they become too large.

This was entertaining at first, but in practice, we found that we mostly used it for water and then added flavoring. This was done to keep our bottles clean because we’re lazy about anything that requires hand washing.

We discovered that the bottles didn’t hold as much carbonation as the SodaStream carafes, but that was mostly fine because we drank them so quickly. One bottle filled two of our drinking glasses (16oz wide-mouth Ball canning jar).

If you are health-conscious but enjoy the carbonation that soda provides, a simple compromise is to drink soda water (a.k.a. sparkling water). Because it is essentially carbonated water, it does not pose the same health risks as a can of soda. Soda manufacturers increase the sugar content to an unhealthy level, which may cause serious health problems for you in the future. Because sparkling water contains no sugar, this is not an issue.

Is Soda Water Unpleasant To Drink?

In the first place, water has no taste. So, too, is sparkling water. However, manufacturers of soda makers anticipated this issue and solved it by selling flavor drops that can be added to sparkling sodas drink mixes. Online, you can buy fruit drops like peaches, mangoes, and cucumbers. If you’re excited to try all of these flavors, I’m guessing you’re interested in a soda maker. In this comparison, we’ll look at two inexpensive soda makers available online: the DrinkMate and the SodaStream Fizzi. To determine which of these machines is the better soda maker, we will examine their similarities and differences.

Comparison of Drinkmate vs Sodastream

Available Colors Ivory White, Matte Black, Royal Red Black, Icy Blue, Rose Gold, White
CO2 Cylinder Compatibility 60L CO2 (DrinkMate or SodaStream) 60L CO2 (SodaStream)
Compatible Bottles 1 Liter reusable carbonating bottle 1 Liter and 0.5L reusable carbonating bottles
Dishwasher Safe No No
Carbonating Bottle Material BPA-Free Plastic BPA-Free Plastic
Bottle Connection Type Snap-lock Snap-lock
LED Fizz Indicator No No
Electricity Required No No
Automatic Carbonation Manual Pump Action Manual Pump Action
Selectable Levels of Fizz No No
Product Dimensions (L x W x D) 8 x 5 x 16 inches 7.9 x 5 x 17 inches
Product Weight 3.8 pounds 6.1 pounds
Warranty Period 2 Years 3 Years
What’s Included DrinkMate machine, 1 BPA-free 1 Liter reusable carbonating bottle, and Fizz Infuser SodaStream Fizzi machine, Carbonating cylinder, 1 Liter reusable carbonating bottle

Compatibility with CO2 Cylinders

What is the process by which a soda maker carbonates water? All of this is made possible by CO2, which is available in cylinders and small tanks. A 1-liter canister of CO2 is compatible with both the DrinkMate and the SodaStream Fizzi. CO2 cylinders are available from both companies. SodaStream is clearly the more established company of the two, as the DrinkMate is compatible with SodaStream CO2 cylinders. In terms of CO2 cylinders, the SodaStream Fizzi comes with one carbonating cylinder out of the box, allowing you to start making soda water right away.

Pump Action by Hand

Unfortunately, neither the DrinkMate nor the SodaStream Fizzi have an automatic carbonation process. Instead, both soda makers produce sparkling water through a manual pump action. The manual pump action has the advantage of not requiring electricity or batteries to function. As a result, neither machine will occupy any convenience outlets on your kitchen countertop. One disadvantage is that you cannot control the level of carbonation in your soda water. You simply have to guess each time you use both soda machines.

Carbonation Quality

The carbonation quality of the DrinkMate and SodaStream Fizzi is nearly identical. The carbonation process is essentially the same because it is manual and both use the same CO2 cylinder. Both soda machines make high-quality sparkling water. It simply depends on how much fizz you prefer. However, the carbonation steps differ significantly between the two machines. This will be discussed further in the differences section.

The Distinctions Between Drinkmate vs Sodastream

Drinkmate vs Sodastream

1.Ease of Use

To be fair, both soda makers are simple to operate. There are no clumsy steps because their process is simple. However, one minor step distinguishes these soda producers.


The DrinkMate machine, the reusable BPA-free carbonating bottle, and the fizz infuser are all included in the box. Once again, the DrinkMate does not come with a CO2 canister. It does, however, include a fizz infuser. This fizz infuser allows you to connect the carbonating bottle to the machine, which saves you time (which is non-existent with the SodaStream by the way). Most of you may not have a problem with this. However, this is yet another thing that can go wrong. You can, however, easily purchase a fizz infuser from DrinkMate on Amazon.


SodaStream has already established itself as the most trusted brand in the industry. The ease of use of their products demonstrates their years of experience. You can connect the carbonating bottle directly to the SodaStream Fizzi without the need for a fizz infuser. After that, simply press the single button on the machine’s top to fizz away. The SodaStream Fizzi unquestionably wins this round due to its ease of use.

2.Drinks You Can Prepare

Because sparkling water is bland, some people dislike it. While this is correct, it does not have to be the case. Enter the fruits and flavors.


Fruit drops and flavors are not available from DrinkMate. They do, however, provide you with some pretty tasty concoctions that you can make with ingredients you already have in your fridge. If you’re interested, you can also look at their cocktail recipes. If you don’t drink, you can still enjoy their infusion drinks and mocktails.

SodaStream Fizzi

SodaStream has been around longer than DrinkMate. As a result, they have a wider selection of flavored syrups than their competitors. Because the main purpose of these soda makers is to avoid sugars altogether, SodaStream offers fruit drops in a variety of flavors. We all deserve a cheat day every now and then, right? That being said, SodaStream sells root beer flavoring in packs of four. Soda flavorings sold by SodaStream contain less sugar than store-bought sodas.

The Final Word

With the Drinkmate vs Sodastream, you can now control the sugar and ingredients in your drinks. With these machines, you can avoid all of the unnecessary and unhealthy sugars found in sodas. Because of this, some people prefer ‘zero’ or ‘light’ variants of sodas. However, harmful chemicals remain in these types of sodas. These issues are addressed by a soda maker. Between the Drinkmate vs Sodastream, there is no doubt that the SodaStream Fizzi is superior in every way.

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